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A summertime walk along the Sihl and the Uetliberg

If you’d like to go on a simple walk just outside Zurich, take the 13 tram to the Strassenverkehrsamt stop and head for the Sihl. The Sihl is one of Zurich’s two rivers (the other is the Limmat), and if you were to follow it south out of the city, here is what you would see:

pretty path aong the Sihl
Wide bike/walking paths with trees and grass...
5.6 Km
...and the occasional marker.

If you choose to return by skirting the east side of the Uetliberg you’ll  hike through forests and fields. There are so many ways to go, but I kept it simple and headed back to where I started.

Fill up your water bottle...
treaa and grass
...and be sure to enjoy all the summery shades of green.

Here’s the route I followed: