Bauer Bread for Breakfast

Bauer bread

If you ever have a big, hearty, bicycling houseguest from Amsterdam; and they offer to bike down to Albisriederplatz on Sunday to buy fresh bread, say “yes”!

Bauer Bakery and Cafe is open on Sundays, and famous for their Champagner-Schwedentorte (a fondant-covered Champagne cake). I bought one for a party once and people still talk about it. I’ve also had perfectly cooked eggs for breakfast in the cafe, and the bakery counter is filled with breads, finger food (Mini Laugenbrötli, etc) and pastries.

We discovered Sunday morning that their full-grain breads are delicious too, and we fixed ourselves breakfast sandwiches of ham, avocado, and a fried egg. It’s preferable that the egg yolk is still liquid, and it’s okay if it drips when you’re among friends. You can then happily tear off another piece of bread to sop it up.

Breakfast of eggs, ham, avocado, and fresh bread from Bauer


One thought on “Bauer Bread for Breakfast”

  1. oh my goodness, that champaigne cake sounds incredible! Maybe that will be my pick for my birthday this year 😉

    Everything I have ever had from Bauer has been really delicious… except for the Schwarzwälder Torte I ordered last year for my husband’s birthday, which was beautifully decorated, but at the first bite turned out to contain… cinnamon!! I was horrified.

    However I forget them and plan to enjoy many more delicious baked goods there 😉 Maybe we can meet there for coffee some time? I haven’t seen you in ages!

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