I am tweeting from the past

I’ve been creating some graphics that look like they come from childhood circa 1958. If we were tweeting 60 years ago, I imagine these could be icons on a child’s smart phone. They could go with educational slogans: “Tweet a cheerful update” or “Stop and think before you tweet”. (Good advice for grownups too).

tweet bird

tweet policeman

Here are a few more of my favorites. Although they aren’t twitter-oriented, they are still pretty darned cheerful.

happy girl

hello groundhog

buzzy bee

When I worked for JDA I created a design I’ve always been pretty fond of, and which I think of as Happy Squirrel. You can see I now have a Happy Girl and a Hello Groundhog, which is very satisfying. I think it’s the combination of retro style and cheerful nonsense.

By the way, if you are ever looking for vintage images, a very fun place to find them is Vintage Printable. At the moment the site is in the middle of a re-vamp, so don’t be put off. It’s a cool site and getting cooler.


3 thoughts on “I am tweeting from the past”

  1. Ah yes, the Happy Squirrel–what fond memories 😀 Love these new ones too, but Happy Squirrel will always have a special place in my heart 🙂

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