My moo minicards

red moo mini cards
I just love a nice, warm red.

I decided to quickly get myself some business cards before researching printers in Zürich, which gave me an opportunity to try moo cards. First, I created two designs with my personal logo, two with our Applied Intelligence logo, and one with some fun graphics. Then I uploaded the high-res jpegs, provided my contact info for the backs of the cards, and ordered the quantity. The site was fun and easy to use, and I was able to easily choose between US or European delivery.

moo mini cards
Yellow and red is nice too,

For an internet print company using uploaded jpeg files, the quality is very good. Plus there’s just something fun about moo mincards. Moo also prints regular (European-sized) business cards, postcards and stickers. If you’re not a designer, they also provide designs and ready-made products.

Applied Intelligence Moo Minicards
Here are the cards for our web design business.

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