Fussball Fun

I’m enjoying my first World Cup here. I played soccer when I was a kid and enjoy watching sports, so I’m able to follow along quite nicely. As an added bonus, since we’re watching broadcasts in German I’m also practicing language comprehension. Based on the number of times I’ve heard the phrase, many plays in football are ganz gefährlich (totally dangerous).

Yesterday we went to a pub to watch the second USA game, which was a lot of fun, despite the US being robbed of the winning goal.

Nelson Pub
The best cure for football fever is a cool beverage.

We have a chart on our fridge and I’ve been keeping track of how each team is doing. I’ve figured out the point system that determines how teams advance to the next round, and have a Google Gadget that lists games, scores, and standings.

More football-related German lessons.

Besides supporting the US, I’m also a fan of Switzerland who have already beaten Spain in a big upset. It’s also fun to cheer for a team based on quirky and random reasons. Spencer Hall’s World Cup Likability Rankings helps you choose a team based on adorable nicknames, interesting hairstyles, and colorful or possibly insane star players. For example, in the match-up between Cameroon and Denmark, Cameroon has the awesome nickname of The Indomitable Lions, while Denmark has fans who are “roligans, the anti-hooligans of Europe and generally beloved among soccer fans”.


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