10 links to help you learn German

Make Use Of just shared some websites for learning a foreign language, so I thought I’d post them here along with a few of my own discoveries. It all adds up to a handy number, worthy of a list-titled post.

  • LyricsTraining uses music videos to teach foreign languages
  • Memorista uses flash cards and memory aids
  • LangoLAB has subtitled music videos, plus tools to help you learn and memorize new words
  • Popling is a website and Adobe AIR application that provides pop-up flash cards on your desktop
  • MangoLanguages is an interactive web-based language tutor

Here’s my favorite latest discovery:

  • the giant Deutsche Welle site (I’ve provided a link to the English version, so you can find what you want then switch to German). I like listen to their German radio broadcast in iTunes, but there are all kinds of other great resources.

And then I know these two are pretty well-known, but I’m including them just in case you’ve forgotten about them:

  • Google Language Tools: type in your text and at least get the gist even if it’s not a perfect translation. Also translate search terms and websites. Everyone can contribute better translations, so it’s getting more accurate all the time.
  • Leo has an awesome German-English dictionary (plus other languages) and is especially helpful with words that have a lot of different shades of meaning.

And to round things off, here are two sites to help you with Swiss German:

  • Worterbuch is a Züridüdsch-German word table
  • Eldrid is a linguist’s page about Swiss German

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