Neumarkt in February

Neumarkt is one of the streets in the old town of Zurich, and even with gray skies and melting snow it’s still pretty.

The view looking down Neumarkt
Neumarkt in Zurich old town
Bauernschänke restaurant
The Bauernschänke restaurant at Rindermarkt 24 is one of my favorites
all-weather antiques
Antique sales continue despite a little snow
Predigergasse signs
Need to check out this cute alley..
Predigergasse view
...yes, it's definitely cute

7 thoughts on “Neumarkt in February”

  1. Mm-hmm! I adore that little alley. Came across it while getting lost (I have no sense of direction to save my life). It leads right up to the Zentralbiblothek, doesn’t it?

    I recognise that cute bike shop there.

    1. Yes, that’s the one. And I love that little bike shop too: every bike looks extra charming just for being on sale there.

    1. Yeah, it really is different, and I love it!

      But to burst your bubble, there is graffiti in Switzerland. A lot of it is artistic, but there’s stupid tagging here too *sigh*.

    1. Thanks! I agree, the little alleys are great. I feel like I’ve discovered a secret place every time I go down a new one.

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