Fun with German

I’m still going on about language since I’ve been enjoying some actual progress with my German. I can understand the occasional word and even a phrase or two if they are common ones, plus I can talk even more (although simply). Another motivator is that I truly like German. I find it to be an interesting language with some pretty fun words.

Most of us have heard of the word Schadenfreude. Here are some other great German words and phrases from the book Tingo, which is a collection of unusual words from around the world:

  • fisselig: flustered to the point of incompetence.
  • Er gibt seinen Senf dazu: one who always has something to say even if no one cares. (Literally, he brings his mustard along).
  • Kummerspeck: the weight you gain from emotion-related overeating (literally, grief bacon).
  • sternhagelvoll: completely drunk (literally, full of stars and hail).
  • Katzenjammer: a very sever hangover (literally, the noise made by extremely miserable cats).
  • Pomadenhengst: a dandy (literally, a hair cream stallion).
  • Torschlusspanik: the fear of diminishing opportunities as one gets older (literally, gate-closing panic).

I’m not sure if any of these are used often, but some of them are very handy expressions. Who hasn’t worked with someone who is fisselig?


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