Lost in Zurich

I’ve now gotten comfortable enough in Zurich that last week I went into downtown to wander on my own. For the first time I walked all over the place, straying from the streets I knew already and into unfamiliar territory. At one point I did actually get lost; getting myself completely turned around so that no matter how many times I stopped to look at the map, I was not able to regain my sense of direction and find Lowenplatz.

But then here’s what’s so great about Zurich: it’s not huge, so there’s not too much chance of getting very far away from where you were aiming for; plus it’s covered with public transportation. To solve my problem, all I did was find a tram stop and hop on a tram that went to Lowenplatz. How simple!

It’s a relief to discover that I can quickly find my way again if I get a little lost exploring Zurich, since walking here is one of my favorite pastimes. There are beautiful old buildings, sleek modern ones, and even mundane things look different enough to be interesting to me. Here are a few photos from my wanderings:





4 thoughts on “Lost in Zurich”

  1. Steph: Maybe I’ll even be able to find Lowenplatz by myself then!

    Jessica: I thought of you as I realized I was in the arboretum. I’m looking forward to the 26th definitely!

  2. Oh, did I not lose my way around the Old Town in my first week in Zürich. Yikes, first week in Zürich… That was one year ago, today (give or take 2 days) 🙂
    Time flies.

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