Saturday night at the Oepfelchammer

Saturday I was looking over the city of Zurich from the University, which has a wonderful view.


And then Saturday night we met one of Alan’s friends for drinks and then dinner at the Oepfelchammer, which is a restaurant and wine tavern housed in a 14th century building. Alan wrote about this on our Swiss wine website, and yes, people did try to climb through the beams, although no one was successful.

What’s with climbing through the beams? If you make it, you get your drink for free and the honor of carving your name on a wall, beam, or table. Here’s a link to the Oepfelchammer’s website, which shows the different dining rooms. The first photo is the one with the beams, and where this all takes place. As you can see, lots of people have had the honor of carving their names; a tribute to drunken determination. You can’t tell from the photo, but the beams allow very little room to maneuver, so making it up and over without smacking your head is really an accomplishment.


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